About Me

Someone told me that in a past life, I was an Empress.
She said I spent my days running through the forest with a blessing of unicorns, barefoot with the wind and branches whipping through my hair.
It only makes sense, I can feel her in my bones.
I know her in my reflection and I feel her smile at the sight of my purple hair.

I’m just trying to make her proud.



I’m Nicia, and this is my blog The Stoned Artist.
If you’ve somehow stumbled on to this online journal of sorts with the expectation of drug related content, I’m sorry to disappoint.

This blog is a place where I document my travels, my love of crystals, and my adventures in Nature.

I’m also an artist and the Maker behind Moss and Moonstone. That business keeps me firmly grounded. This blog keeps my head in the stars.

Thanks for visiting.