Awakening the Goddess and My 2019 Intention

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We are all divine beings of light. That’s right- you ARE divine. Yes, you. You are perfect just the way you are. Right here, right now. You are a living, dazzling child of the cosmos, dancing through time and space as a precious expression of Goddess and God.

Awakening the Goddess- Krystal Aranyani

Krystal Aranyani via her Facebook

Every year, I choose a new intention that I’d like to manifest in my life. Sometimes it comes with a mantra I’ve felt drawn to, or someone else’s words that have resonated with me. 2018 was about Femininity, and that intention really put me through my paces. I was tasked with the most divine form of femininity: potential motherhood, and was released from it within a matter of weeks. I experienced months of questioning my existence as a woman and creator of life, and ultimately fell into a deep depression. It took months to find my way out.
Any woman that has looked the prospect of motherhood in the eye and was found wanting, understands the process of trying to figure out your role there after as a woman. I’ve never wanted to be a mother, but I found myself forgetting how to be feminine.
I’ve spent the last three months of this 2018 relearning and exploring my own femininity and love for Self.

This brings me to my 2019 intention: Connecting with the Divine Feminine. That has been described as:

  • Feeling your feelings
  • Honoring intuitive impulses
  • Creating Ritual and Sacred space
  • Connecting with your body wisdom
  • Concentrating on Stillness and Honoring your Inner Voice

Last year, I think my intention was too vague and left room for experiences I didn’t want, no matter how much they forced me to grow. This post is part book review, part examples of how I am following some steps Krystal takes you through to “Awaken the Goddess within.”

She starts the book explaining what brought her to writing this book: years of bad relationships, societal expectations and eventually, a journey of self love while exploring the world. Every lesson she learned from goddesses she met along the way, are in this book in the form of rituals.

Here are a few that I’m in love with:

Divine Affirmations

Statements that are spoken or written, and often repeated, to encourage, empower, and uplift the individual using them.

Next year, I really want to attract more self love, grace, movement, and creativity. I found an incredible affirmation by Miann Scanlan that I wanted to use and add to:

Today I am luminous.
I love my body, this incredible and complex vessel that is me.
I am in awe of my body’s ability to heal, to nurture, to transform, to love, and to flourish with vibrant health, divine energy and radiant feminine beauty.
I see the perfection in every one my cells and honor this physical vehicle that I have been blessed with.
(I embrace all aspects of my creativity and feel so grateful for any and all success that comes my way, artistically.)


Self Discovery prompts will be your best friend.

This is part of the driving force I feel in regards to blogging. What better way to get to know yourself than to write what you feel and post it for the world to see? Welcome to my inner thoughts, my new friends.

Wisdom from the Womb

A woman’s womb is the seat of her wisdom, creativity, inspiration and power.

Having experienced a miscarriage in March, I have felt an incredible disconnect from my own womb. I knew that some forgiveness and healing needed to be done, but just didn’t know how to go about it. With the help of this chapter, I performed an emotional meditation that helped me reconnect with my womb. I also spoke her affirmations aloud, allowing myself to believe them wholeheartedly:

My womb is sacred. My womb is divine.
My womb is love. My womb is whole.
My womb is healed. My womb is free.
My womb is celestial. My womb is bliss.
My womb is liberated. My womb is full of energy.
My womb is pure. My womb is powerful.
My womb is the seat of my creativity and wisdom.

(I plan on reading the book, Womb Wisdom to continue reconnecting. I’ve heard incredible things about it and can’t wait to dive in.)

There are so many incredible sacred rituals in this book, (33 to be exact!) and I’ve added them to my daily practices. I really hope you check out the book to see all of the wisdom that lies within the pages.

What was your 2018 intention and how did it manifest itself in your year?
What is your intention for 2019?
What books are you reading on your journey?
How do you show yourself Self Love?

Let me know in the comments!

(Click the image below to buy Awakening the Goddess)

If We Were Having Coffee ☕️

Hey everyone, I hope your week is going amazing. I just wanted to pop in with a little life update in the form of a digital coffee date.

If we were having coffee… I would start by ordering tea. I would express that coffee is like those emergency glass panels, “BREAK IN CASE OF EXHAUSTION!” I would debate between forming a bottom layer of pure sugar in my mug, and ultimately drink it unsweetened. There’s something invigorating about tea in its natural state.

What is your go to beverage? Would you indulge in a muffin? If so, what flavor?

If we were having coffee… I would tell you I just came home from Denver, Colorado, where I attended my sister’s wedding. I would gush about how amazing it feels to be a big sister again, because I haven’t seen or spoken to my siblings in 3 years. Having never been in Colorado, I had hoped to explore, but it was such a whirlwind.

Have you been to Denver? What city would you love to explore?

If we were having coffee… I would ask how you’re surviving the dormant foliage. I would admit that this time of year is the hardest on my mental health. I would express gratitude for good friends like you and hot tea.

What is your go to, in regards to your Fall wardrobe? How do you stay coziest?

If we were having coffee… We would laugh about my experience in Aerial Silks. I would describe in detail the strange bruises covering my body from inverting and my failed attempt at being graceful. I would admit that during an invert, crystals fell out of my sports bra onto the floor, only to be played with by one of two polydactyl cats that reside in the studio.

What is your favorite way to stay fit?

It was nice catching up with you! Tell me what you have planned for the week, and feel free to answer the questions in the comments! Talk soon.

Traveling Heart // The Beginning

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I’m in love with cities I’ve never been to and people I’ve never met.” – John Green

We moved to Connecticut two years ago, and have only left the state for a weekend in Boston. (Actually, we left for a morning to go to brunch a few yards from the state line in Rhode Island once.) It goes without saying how much I miss the West Coast and traveling anywhere, really.

There truly is nothing better than exploring new places, experiencing different cultures and tasting all the amazing food. And the beauty of different languages, that is my idea of heaven.

My board

This blog post series is dedicated to my “Traveling Heart,” the part of me that never likes to sit still. That part is forever itching to see new sites and new faces.  It’s inspired by my Pinterest board of the same name. You can follow it here. That board is a collection of the places I long to go to or go back to.

Isabella Gardner Museum in Boston via Pinterest

Now that my beloved and I are more settled in our temporary home in CT, and I have stability in my job, we are finally making plans to travel home and abroad. Anytime I embark on a new journey, a new entry for the series will be posted.

Upcoming Trips:
12/7/18- Aurora, Colorado
12/28/18- Nevada
1/3/19- Central Coast, California

I can’t wait to tell you about all of our adventures! Tell me in the comments below where you long to travel to, and feel free to link your Travel Pinterest boards.

Creating and Being The Stoned Artist

Some days call for some serious introspection. This is one of those days.

I find myself thinking about the last two years, what I’ve gone through, who I’ve become and I feel proud. At my darkest point, I questioned if I could survive living so far from my family and friends.

So far from the career I always dreamed of.

So far from the coast I know and love most.

I’m Nicia, (aka NiciaBrighteyes,) and this is my blog, The Stoned Artist.

There’s something about being lonely that makes you yearn for faith in anything. It could be faith in yourself, in a deity, in a result of a specific struggle. I didn’t have any faith for a long time, and because of that, I lacked a stable foundation. Have you every watched videos of buildings or houses collapsing because their foundation was compromised?

Picture that now as a person.

That was me.

Image via @alison_wu

In the last year, I’ve come to trust and love the Universe. I crave the feeling of hours in nature, letting my hands caress trees and flowers. The sun sets and I fall in love with the stars every night. As one phase glides into the next, I find I live by the moon. When I feel my vibration is off, I believe in the power of crystals.

My blog title is misleading, I know. When the thought of it first spoke to me, I knew I would have a lot of explaining to do. (Don’t worry Mom, it’s not what you think.)

It’s simple: I am an artist, and I love crystals.

Crystals, aka pretty stones, are my obsession. They change my perception of the world around me and help me set intentions when they’re near. All I want in the world is to know them better. That’s where this blog comes into play.

As I learn my craft as a maker, I’m learning the roles crystals have in my daily life. As I learn about them, I want to share the knowledge as well as gather the information into a collective space.

Do you believe in magic? How can you not when you look around at the beauty of this world?

Image via

Judy Hall, Vanessa Cuccia, and Hibiscus Moon are three authors of crystal healing books and classes that I admire. They have shaped and molded my love and fascination for stones and their metaphysical properties. Some crystals I keep to help with my anxiety, or combating negativity, others to help instill a feeling of self love and compassion.

I’m an artist. Moss and Moonstone is my Makers business. I’m a potter that enjoys delving into other mediums.

Moss and Moonstone is a connection to all things earthly. The Stoned Artist is a connection to all things celestial.

Education is incredibly important to me. I want to learn as many different forms of artistry as possible. I also love to indulge in local makers classes and workshops and I crave traveling.

This blog will serve as my journal of all of the things I love.

The takeaway:

My name is Nicia and I’m a purple haired, crystal obsessed potter with a love of small towns and big dreams.

Tell me who you are in the comments below!

A Q&A Love Letter 💌

Whether you’ve known me for years or just stumbled onto my blog, I thought it would be a great idea to (re-)introduce myself. This is a little Q&A I though would be a great ice breaker.

1. Who are you?

Short answer: I’m Nicia, a California artist. I’m also a wife and a fur mom.

2. Where do you live?

Temporarily in Connecticut, but we’ve put out to the Universe that we would like to go back to the West Coast next year.

3. What is your favorite color?

Purple, in case that wasn’t too obvious.

4. What’s your philosophy in life?

Live as mindfully as you can. Be of service to those around you. Trust the magic of the Universe and the amazing things it has in store for you.

5. What’s the one thing you would like to change about yourself?

One pattern that moving across the country has forced me to acknowledge is that I’m not big on breaking down barriers with people. Letting people get to know me here just isn’t a priority to me theses days, mostly because wherever I live will now be temporary.

That’s why I started this blog: I wanted a permanent home to store memories and to build a community around the things we have in common.

6. Are you religious or spiritual?

I was raised in a very religious household. That’s shaped the person I am, but is the source of some trust issues. These days I’m strictly spiritual.

7. Do you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert?

Definitely an introvert. I’m typically very quiet, but that’s because I like to observe people. I’m not shy, I’m opinionated and stubborn. But around people I know and love, I’m pretty wild.

8. Which parent are you closer to and why?

So, I’m adopted by my Grandparents, (forever and lovingly referred to as Mom and Dad,) and I’m equally obsessed with them both.

I’m the most like my Dad: Quiet and serious, with a sarcastic sense of humor. But I’m also a lot like my Mom: Affectionate and self sacrificing.

9. What was the best phase in your life?

There are two:

1. The years that I discovered pottery and practically lived in my favorite ceramic studio back in California.

2. The life I live these days with my husband and fur babies. (Despite living so far from our family and friends.)

10. What was the worst phase in your life?

Don’t get me wrong, being married and having a life with my husband is amazing.

But it’s challenging, living in Connecticut away from our friends and family. Working a job I’m not connected to, feeling less and less like myself.

11. Is what you’re doing now what you always wanted to do growing up?

Not quite. I always wanted to be an artist and travel. I’ve done both on and off, but the whole point of this blog is bringing me back to my core self. Being creative and inspired is my life’s goal. This blog will document that journey.

12. What makes you feel accomplished?

Being unapologetically me. Seeing my friends and family living their best life, (from afar.) Watching my little family grow and shift and adapt for better things.

13. What’s your favorite book/movie of all time and why did it speak to you so much?

Pride and Prejudice, of course. I’m a mess of a romantic. I love the elegance of those times and the strength of the characters and their character.

14. What’s an ideal weekend for you?

Any type of adventures, whether that is wandering a new town or somewhere surrounded by art. Eating the best food, sleeping in, having drinks. And always BRUNCH.

15. Would you relocate for love?

This question is important.

Short answer is yes.

Long answer is I already have because my husband is in the Military. That’s why we’re on the East Coast and will continue to move every few years.

If it was my choice, I would be living in Paris right now. That time will come.

16. Where is your favorite place in the entire world to go?


I experienced it back a few years ago and it was the one place I felt the most like myself. The cobblestone streets, the art, the architecture.

Paris is the closest to heaven I will ever get.

17. Is there an activity that calms you? A place or a thing that makes you feel at ease?

Throwing on a Pottery Wheel. There’s nothing better than the gentle hum of the wheel as it rotates and the feel of the clay between your fingers. The control you have, the freedom to create anything in the world. It’s like a meditation for me.

18. What is the most adventurous thing you have ever done in your life?

Deciding to have purple hair. It sounds superficial and ridiculous, but that was the moment I let people see the real me. From first glance, I’m guarded. My black clothes and resting bitch face are misleading. I’m a dreamer and I live out loud. My vivid hair conveys that wild side of me.

19. What would you like to accomplish in the next year?

I suppose it isn’t too early for a New Year Resolution. I would love to have this blog up and running with consistent content. I’d also like to have Moss and Moonstone stocked with inventory and spending my time creating pieces for it.

I’d like to have a definitive answer about where my family is heading next, preferably somewhere on the West Coast.

I’d like to have gone on a real Honeymoon as well as a trip with my husband and my parents to Europe.

20. Now that we’ve had this chat, what would you like your readers to do?

Pick some of these questions and answer them in the comments! I’d love to know the people I’m writing to.

Thank you so much for hanging with me. Let me know if you have questions or comments, or just say hey!