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Awakening the Goddess and My 2019 Intention

Via Krystal’s Facebook


We are all divine beings of light. That’s right- you ARE divine. Yes, you. You are perfect just the way you are. Right here, right now. You are a living, dazzling child of the cosmos, dancing through time and space as a precious expression of Goddess and God.

Awakening the Goddess- Krystal Aranyani

Krystal Aranyani via her Facebook

Every year, I choose a new intention that I’d like to manifest in my life. Sometimes it comes with a mantra I’ve felt drawn to, or someone else’s words that have resonated with me. 2018 was about Femininity, and that intention really put me through my paces. I was tasked with the most divine form of femininity: potential motherhood, and was released from it within a matter of weeks. I experienced months of questioning my existence as a woman and creator of life, and ultimately fell into a deep depression. It took months to find my way out.
Any woman that has looked the prospect of motherhood in the eye and was found wanting, understands the process of trying to figure out your role there after as a woman. I’ve never wanted to be a mother, but I found myself forgetting how to be feminine.
I’ve spent the last three months of this 2018 relearning and exploring my own femininity and love for Self.

This brings me to my 2019 intention: Connecting with the Divine Feminine. That has been described as:

  • Feeling your feelings
  • Honoring intuitive impulses
  • Creating Ritual and Sacred space
  • Connecting with your body wisdom
  • Concentrating on Stillness and Honoring your Inner Voice

Last year, I think my intention was too vague and left room for experiences I didn’t want, no matter how much they forced me to grow. This post is part book review, part examples of how I am following some steps Krystal takes you through to “Awaken the Goddess within.”

She starts the book explaining what brought her to writing this book: years of bad relationships, societal expectations and eventually, a journey of self love while exploring the world. Every lesson she learned from goddesses she met along the way, are in this book in the form of rituals.

Here are a few that I’m in love with:

Divine Affirmations

Statements that are spoken or written, and often repeated, to encourage, empower, and uplift the individual using them.

Next year, I really want to attract more self love, grace, movement, and creativity. I found an incredible affirmation by Miann Scanlan that I wanted to use and add to:

Today I am luminous.
I love my body, this incredible and complex vessel that is me.
I am in awe of my body’s ability to heal, to nurture, to transform, to love, and to flourish with vibrant health, divine energy and radiant feminine beauty.
I see the perfection in every one my cells and honor this physical vehicle that I have been blessed with.
(I embrace all aspects of my creativity and feel so grateful for any and all success that comes my way, artistically.)


Self Discovery prompts will be your best friend.

This is part of the driving force I feel in regards to blogging. What better way to get to know yourself than to write what you feel and post it for the world to see? Welcome to my inner thoughts, my new friends.

Wisdom from the Womb

A woman’s womb is the seat of her wisdom, creativity, inspiration and power.

Having experienced a miscarriage in March, I have felt an incredible disconnect from my own womb. I knew that some forgiveness and healing needed to be done, but just didn’t know how to go about it. With the help of this chapter, I performed an emotional meditation that helped me reconnect with my womb. I also spoke her affirmations aloud, allowing myself to believe them wholeheartedly:

My womb is sacred. My womb is divine.
My womb is love. My womb is whole.
My womb is healed. My womb is free.
My womb is celestial. My womb is bliss.
My womb is liberated. My womb is full of energy.
My womb is pure. My womb is powerful.
My womb is the seat of my creativity and wisdom.

(I plan on reading the book, Womb Wisdom to continue reconnecting. I’ve heard incredible things about it and can’t wait to dive in.)

There are so many incredible sacred rituals in this book, (33 to be exact!) and I’ve added them to my daily practices. I really hope you check out the book to see all of the wisdom that lies within the pages.

What was your 2018 intention and how did it manifest itself in your year?
What is your intention for 2019?
What books are you reading on your journey?
How do you show yourself Self Love?

Let me know in the comments!

(Click the image below to buy Awakening the Goddess)

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