New Year // New Rituals

2019 is going to be a big year for personal and spiritual growth. I can feel that in my bones.

The last two years of my life in CT, I’ve actively avoided finding a tribe of woman, because I know living here will only last three years. Whats the point of developing a sisterhood when I will just have to let them go? But deep down, I know I’m doing myself and any potential new friends, a huge disservice. So I’m focusing on putting out into the Universe that I’m ready for some connection. I’m ready for a sense of community and a chance to create moments of growth and sisterhood.

One of my dreams, if I had that tribe, would be to start the ritual of a monthly Full Moon party. While the New Moon is my favorite phase, it’s also a phase of introspection and laying low. Not the best for a tribe of women gathering and celebrating and getting rowdy together.

This is the blueprint for a Full Moon ritual, so gather all your favorite strong, independent, brilliant women together and have a night of fun.

Getting to Know the Phases

First things first, for those of you new to the ways of Mother Moon, here is a brief explanation of each phase:

  • New moons are a time to set intentions. Create, reset, regenerate. 
  • Waxing moons are a good time to take action—big or small—toward your dream. 
  • Full moons are a time to manifest and celebrate.
  • Waning moon is a time for releasing. Clear and let go to prepare for the new moon once again.


What you’ll need

  • A private indoor or outdoor area for the ceremony.
  • Floor cushions or chairs in a circle.
  • An area for an altar.
  • Crystals.
  • Sage, Palo Santo or Singing Bowls.
  • Pens and Paper
  • Music or Instruments.
  • Candles for each woman

The Invitation

How do you phrase to your favorite women that they are cordially invited to a night of lunacy? Well, whether they are into woowoo or not, everyone loves a chance to get together, talk about intentions, dance, laugh, and let go of what no longer serves them.

Be sure to have them bring a list of their intentions for the next month, an item for the altar, and a crystal they are comfortable parting with.

Wear white, silver or blue. Leave your hair down, what better way to tap into your wild maiden than to let your locks flow freely?


Image via @RisingWoman

The Event

Cleanse the space

With your guests sensitivities in mind, be sure to break up any negative or stagnant energy by clearing the space. This can be done with Sage, Palo Santo wood or Singing bowls.


Have a special area set up to place all items of importance from your guests. They can be crystals, jewelry, trinkets, anything that they would like charged with the intentions of the night. Once you’ve explained the purpose of your gathering, allow them to place them, without speaking, where they are drawn intuitively. Set the crystals worth letting go near the alter as well.


A moment for intentions

Once all objects are placed, with everyone seated comfortably, take a moment to look at your list of intentions. Imagine that you’ve manifested them, how does it feel, what does it look like, how does it smell? The more details you visualize, the more the Universe can assist.


Guided Meditation

Pick a guided meditation that would compliment the vibe of the evening. Two meditations I love are the Connecting to Abundance, and Flow State from this blog post. They are both on Simple Habit, but you can find other amazing meditations on Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube.



Take some time to share your struggles and triumphs. Be open minded with the women that share, this is a moment to bond and support each other. Discuss your hopes for the month and the current year. Be uplifting, vulnerable, witty. All in all, be you.


I love to dance! I love to move my body and invoke my inner Wild Maiden, letting my hair fly around, and my arms wave wildly. This is a judgement free zone. If you have drums or instruments, let the women come up with whatever sounds they want. Take turns dancing in the circle like you’re alone in your room. Laugh at yourself! This is a moment of celebration and joy. Be joyful, you deserve it.

image via Rising Woman

Crystal Claiming

The Universe has a way of giving us what we need when we need it. Let each woman approach the alter and pick a crystal, (that is not theirs) that speaks to them intuitively. Go with your gut. You might choose it because it’s your favorite color or it feels welcoming. Be sure to research what the crystal represents.


Now is the time to commend the vulnerability and compassion displayed. Thank them with one last task. Everyone takes a candle, and one by one have them light the candle to the left. This moment can mean so much more if each takes the opportunity to tell the woman who’s candle they are lighting, what the admire about them.


What you choose to do after the ritual is done, is up to you. Have glass of wine with your tribe, continue the dance party, take pictures to capture the experience, howl at the moon. There is no wrong way to embrace this experience. Just know, you’ve made some wonderful memories with the women in your circle.

In one year, when my little family and I move hopefully back to the West Coast, my dream of making Moss and Moonstone a brick and mortar will finally happen. The best part about that dream? Having a space to host Full Moon parties with brilliant women in the community.

I’ll be sure to keep you posted on that. Thanks for stopping by.

Have you been to or hosted a Full Moon Party? Tell me in the comments what you thought!

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6 Meditations I Brought into 2019

2019, I have been waiting for you to arrive since…. last March….

Fresh starts have always been what I live for. No matter what happens in my life, I know I can look forward to a new day, a new week, a new book, a New Moon. And it’s like the past never happened.

One practice that I was really terrible at sticking to in 2018 was meditation. In 2017, I was great at it! I woke up every morning, meditated, journaled and hit the gym.

Then life got crazy and I lost that habit and shortly after, I lost my peace of mind. Regardless, I fully intend on making meditation my priority. I’m getting back to WooSahhing.

If you are new to meditation, this is a great place to start. With the help of an amazing app called Simple Habit, here are the meditations I brought into 2019

Connect to Abundance by Julie Seibt

We can all use more abundance in our life, and it isn’t always money we need an abundance of. This meditation is great for helping you open the door for all types of abundances.

“Attract and receive abundance in health, relationships, finances and opportunity. In this practice, recognize and connect to abundance that is already present, explore obstacles that prevent you from giving and receiving more fully. You will learn to invite, receive and embody abundance as part of the natural flow of life”

Bath Meditation by Kate James

I tend to get distracted in the bath, but this helps me to be mindful and present. It is amazing for winding down at the end of a long day.

“A warm bath is the perfect way to relax and relive stress. Meditate while immersing your body in hot water to soften any tension.”


Bedtime Relaxation with Amer Khan

It can be difficult to turn our mind off at night. This is great for doing just that.

“Let worries about work or your day fall away. Use this meditation to help  you sink into ultimate relaxation for sleep.”

Resilience for Women by Shalini Bahl (7 Part Series)

We as women are so strong, we keep our families grounded while juggling career or hobbies. Sometimes we need a pick me up.

“This is a meditation series created for women by a woman. In this series, you will build skills to deal with different challenges. Explore different mindfulness practices that are foundational for developing confidence, resilience and ease.

For Women in the Workplace by Shalini Bahl (7 Part Series)

I already know we all need this one.

“In this series, develop the 7 essential mindfulness skills to overcome stereotypes, lead from within, and shine.

Women often confront incompatible expectations with respect to their leadership roles and gender roles. Research shows that mindfulness is one way for us women to overcome gender stereotypes and inconsistencies. Mindful women leaders are perceived to be more genuine and trustworthy. And most importantly, mindfulness makes us aware of how we perceive ourselves, so we can lead from a place of authenticity and unshakable confidence.”

Flow State by Holly Niemela

Having issues with blockages? Get ready to welcome the state of flow.

“Being in a state of flow often helps us be more present, get more work done, and feel a sense of timelessness. Whether you’d like some inspiration for a creative project, or are preparing for a few hours of deep work, this meditation will help you get into your flow state.”


I hope these meditations are what you are needing for a happy and healthy year/ life.

What are your favorite guided meditations you can’t wait to bring in to 2019?

What are your goals for the coming year?

Leave your answers in the comments!